YOu don’t have to be a ‘Dancer’ to dance.

(Just like)

You don’t have to have a leadership title to lead.


Dancing and leading are Beautifully similar

Copy of graph dance v leadership grey.png

The Beat goes on

When we dare to dance/Lead, we constantly need to adapt to the fast changing rhythms of the music. we will of course make mistakes, experience sloppy moments, and battle with our perfection-seeking ways.

As leaders, The key is always forward motion. It’s strengthening our self awareness muscles to reflect, learn, and improve so we can make a positive difference.

Action > Thoughts

Movement > Stagnation


What do everyday dancers and the best leaders have in common?

1. They have acess to their authentic selves

2. They courageously share it with the world


known Benefits of engaging in dance:

  • Dancing is scientifically proven to increase brain processing speed, memory, and proprioception by increasing white matter in the Fornix of the brain. Faster neuro-pathways = quicker problem solving.

  • An Oxford Study shows dancing alongside others, lights up brain pathways that blur the barriers your mind erects between you and strangers, promoting feelings of connection and sameness.

  • Various studies have found dance to be correlated to having higher levels of:

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • General Physiological Well-being

    • Self Esteem

    • Kinesthetic Empathy

  • As well as decreased:

    • Social Anxiety

    • Stress