Cut through the noise

Real talk: There are more leadership consulting products out there than there are words in a Busta verse. Many could be safe investments, and a great fit for your team. But when things are safe choices, they are often comfortable and unchallenging - contradicting the very reason we look outside ourselves for enrichment.

Because “I Don’t Dance” experiences get to the heart of our leadership vulnerabilities, they are mentally, physically and emotionally challenging. They are also authentic, honest, bolstering and incredibly joyous. Each workshop we develop and execute involves guest artists from LA to NYC, currently active in the urban dance movement as well as the professional/organizational coaching industry.



Timely & impactful

Starting at just 1.5 hours, our workshops can squeeze perfectly into your productive work week. We utilize every minute to maximize connectivity and insight.


Hyped (That good, 90’s hip-hop-kind-of-hype)

The social and physiological benefits of cultural social dance have stood the test of time. Our innovative programming adds the key layer of pragmatic leadership development and intrapersonal communication training that connects the dots.


all originals

Your team is diverse and singular. Our custom curriculum reflects that. From our specialty selected offsite location and our crew, to the nitty-gritty of the training class itself, we’ll never put you through trust-falls or cookie cutter seminars.

As an individual you’ll top-rock away with:

  • Empowerment in your vulnerability (honesty and willingness to be seen is better than perfection)

  • Insights on how to take your leadership strengths to the next level

  • Tools to beat burnout and make your work continually playful

  • A new found knowledge of body language, awareness and '“kinesthetic empathy”

  • Take-home materials for practicing your insights learned in the workshop

As a team you’ll gain:

  • Next-level trust and respect, organically

  • Meaningful team-wide communication, problem-solving and productivity insights

  • Coaching and practices around those insights for lasting impact

  • Continued check-ins and support

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A message to employers about retention:

Young leaders on your team are just waiting for their leadership potential to be noticed and appreciated. If you are not actively dedicating time and resources for supporting, challenging and showing that you care by seeing them for the unique way they contribute, not only will you eventually lose them, you are already losing them.

An investment in a single workshop with us will make lasting impacts on the engagement, commitment, and trust within team members. Placing value in the growth and development of individuals can only benefit your company.

Contact us To receive a 1-pager pdf with details about our one-of-a-kind workshops & what this could look like for your team.

P.S. We’re Bicoastal (and everywhere in between!)