In a time where meaningful face to face interaction is decreasing due to more digital clutter, our vision is for a world that prioritizes human connection and empathy, and knows the power of embracing vulnerability.



We are a collective of educators, coaches and artists, who through the empowerment & vulnerability of music, movement & dance, are on a mission to challenge teams to express their unique & diverse superpowers as leaders in their work, and as empathetic humans in the world.



“Wallflowers and center-stage dancehall queens are equally important contributors”

Diversity & Inclusivity


Mindfull Ownership

‘Funk’- Forward



We are a female-founded and female-led organization. Also, we're pretty big introverts. We've had lots of experience trying to shape-shift into the narrow status quo of ‘good leader’ (i.e. outgoing/extroverted, charismatic, masculine/tough). We’re here to remix that status quo.

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Rachel Woods-Oshiro - Founder

Coming from an elcectic education and arts background, and an alumni of University of California San Diego (UCSD), Rachel is dedicated to exploring the creative ways we physically move through space…and life. The idea to found “I Don’t Dance” came to her while reflecting on a curious, personal observation: In contrast to the other work-teams she belonged to, it seemed that her professional dance cohort was more trusting, innovative and risk taking, as well as transparent in their communication and confident in their leadership. At first she thought this was a coincidence (maybe due to personalities?) But research took her down a path that ultimately showed dance to be a cause of this empowered leadership. With over a year-and-a-half in development and testing, Rachel is thrilled to share the game-changing, applied training that is “‘I Don’t Dance’ Leadership Workshops”.


Each workshop we develop and execute involves guest artists, from LA to NYC, currently active in the urban dance movement as well as the professional/organizational coaching industry. From esteemed DJ’s and choreographers, to motivating executive and organizational coaches, our family of educators is always raising the bar in leadership development. No matter which educators collaborate to host your in-person workshop, creating space and tools for navigating vulnerability will always be a priority.